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Hide the Heads

Saving Face

Mondays Are for Meat

"Saving Face" is available on Kelp Journal.

The "Mondays Are for Meat" chapbook is available here or you can read the story on the Ladies of the Fright website.

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"Golden Hour," is available in the Chromophobia anthology. Special edition hardcover available now. Paperback available here.

Sunshine and Sea Air

"Sunshine and Sea Air" is available on the Scoundrel Time website.

Any Given Night

"Any Given Night" is available online in the Winter 2021 issue of Kelp Journal.

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The Unboxing

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Room of Water

"Room of Water" is available in Dead Bait 4.

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A Winterland Surprise

"A Winterland Surprise" appears in the Halldark Holidays anthology.

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The Creek Keepers' Lodge

"The Creek Keepers' Lodge is available in Horror Library, Vol. 6.

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The Mark


First, the Tongue

"The Mark" is available in Gamut Magazine.

"The Fifty-Eighth Item" is available in Winter Horror Days.

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The Inventor

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Carmichael Motel

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The Fifty-Eighth Item

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