DTLA/37 is a book of thirty-seven non-fiction stories about people and places in Downtown Los Angeles. Part of a series of books by EnVille Publishing about different neighborhoods around the world, DTLA/37 captures a snapshot of the "human temperature" of the downtown neighborhood. The book features stories by Yennie Cheung and Kathryn E. McGee and photographs by Tim Ronca and Lev Tsimring. It is available now at

The Last Spookstore

In October 2015, The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles hosted a "horror story art show" featuring original artwork inspired by horror literature. R.L. Stein's Goosebumps book, Say Cheese and Die! was one of the books that provided inspiration. Artist Kenny Chapman created a piece based on the story. Kathryn's review of the book and interview with Chapman are posted on The Last Bookstore's blog, Dwarf + Giant